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Sales Order Processing

Automating the sales order management process means improved efficiencies for the entire order-to-cash cycle. This cycle includes inquiries and quotes, pricing, contract management, order fulfillment, shipping, logistics, invoice generation, payment collection, and generation of receipts to the customer.

Automation alone produces an enormous range of benefits. It lowers processing costs, reduces errors, and improves productivity. It increases collection rates, speed of collection, and lowers the amount of accounts receivable and days that sales are outstanding. Automation also improves reporting, communication, and each customer’s overall experience and relationship with your organization.

When you automate your sales order management process with AcceLIM, you get all of those standard benefits of automation plus the additional advantages of AcceLIM’s  super-powered cloud:

Made For Today’s Order Demands

Modern companies manage an endless variety of different types of orders and vast amounts of data related to and generated by those orders. The company that can quickly organize that data and see it, is the company that moves fast and efficiently. We designed AccelLim for this reality. Our AcceL -I -Match technology scales to any level of detail enabling companies to customize the system to the precise needs of the organization. AcceL-I-Match can be used to check an order confirmation, audit a receiving transaction, process an invoice, and virtually any other supply side order management transaction. And unlike other systems, our customers get to choose what level of control they want over any type of exception as well as what issues we track in our regularly scheduled reports to them. This means the information that matters most gets to the people that need it regardless of how complicated your supply chain might be.

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Business Rules Based On Standardized Best Practices

Before we automate your processes, we help you decide on the parameterized business rules that will dictate how your AcceLIM automated system will function. We come to you with a workbook that helps you quickly and easily identify the business rules that already exist in your processes, and we may also offer suggestions based on what we’ve seen other customers in your industry use to achieve the kind of metrics you’d like, tailoring those best practices to work ideally for you.

Powerful Technology

Our technology can scale to whatever level of detail is needed for each individual order regardless of how complex or simple it may be, going far beyond a traditional ordered-shipped-paid match. We can match to virtually any aspect of any sales transaction, allowing you to choose the level of control that’s essential to meet your goals.

Collaboration through Accountability

AcceLIM’s cloud unites your team by eliminating geographic barriers and having clear lines of responsibility built into the system for every possible discrepancy. Once you’re up and running with AcceLIM, information and documentation for all discrepancies appears on the desktop of the exact employees who need to resolve them. Because everyone on the team has a 360 degree view of the transactions, people are highly motivated to correct their discrepancies quickly and address recurring issues. Over time this leads to vastly reduced discrepancy rates, higher productivity, and better relationships within your team.

The Ideal Blend of People, Processes and Technology

AcceLIM has been a cloud-based service from the very beginning, and we know how to make the most of it. We offer business process as a service with just the right blend of automation and human oversight as well as the perfect balance between tasks that AcceLIM takes over and those you maintain control of. AcceLIM automates the clerical busywork and improves processes, communication and control while freeing your staff to focus on their business-critical tasks, especially managing customer relationships.

The reason we’re able to do all this and do it well is that inside our cloud there’s much more than our powerful software. We also have highly skilled people whose work complements the software, filling the gaps where automation has its limits, and we have processes that reflect the best practices of your industry. Ours is a highly effective blend of people, processes and technology that, together, make your system as efficient and accurate as possible.