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AcceLIM vs. Another Cloud

AcceLIM has chosen to focus on supply side order management processing and sales order processing within four primary industries we have targeted, and we have been operating as a cloud since we first went into business. The result of our tight focus is that we’ve made ourselves experts at what we do, and each new customer gains from the knowledge we’ve accumulated about the best way to automate the procure-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles for their industry.

The first difference you’ll notice about AcceLIM is how swiftly we are able to get you up and running within our cloud. It’s not uncommon for us to have a customer’s automated system deployed within as little as 12 weeks because of the depth of our experience and the process we’ve come up with to get you started. And we’ve done all we can to make it as easy on your employees as possible. When it comes to setting up the business rules that will determine how your system operates, you don’t have to come up with all the parameters out of thin air. We have a workbook that allows your employees to quickly download what they know about your processes, and we offer a starter set of suggested parameters based on what we know of your industry. We cut to the chase with what’s most important to get you up and running, then nimbly adjust parameters after that to fine-tune your system and set you up for dramatic levels of cost savings, accuracy, time savings, and reduced discrepancy rates.

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Once your AcceLIM automated system is deployed, you’ll start enjoying our other major advantages – the substance that lies within what we call our “super-powered cloud.” This starts with the power of our proprietary software, which provides an exceptional level of options for control and information related to every transaction. AcceLIM can scale to whatever level of detail is needed for each individual order whether that means lots or batches moving through a complicated supply chain or a simple project that will only have two invoices vouchered against it. We can audit receiving transactions and match to quotes, order confirmations and virtually any other supply side order management transaction. Our customers get to choose what level of control they want over any type of exception as well as what issues we track in our regularly scheduled reports to them.

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Another aspect of our cloud that makes it stand apart is the way we set up your processes, and particularly the way transactions with discrepancies are handled. When a discrepancy occurs in a transaction, we immediately send an alert to the exact person responsible for resolving it. The individual knows what they need to do in order to correct the issue, and our cloud gives them tools to do so quickly. The clear lines of responsibility we set up in the onboarding process mean that one person takes charge of resolving the problem, and everyone on the supply side order management team can see who is responsible for the resolution. Fewer people get involved; issues are typically resolved quickly, and the overall work atmosphere is more positive and collaborative, particularly between departments that may have to work together to resolve discrepancies. We call this “Collaboration Through Accountability.”

Another difference that drives our customers’ success with our cloud is that once you’re on board with us, we don’t just put you on auto-pilot. We meet with you regularly to review progress, analyze areas for improvement and set specific goals to work on. This is what helps our customers achieve single-digit discrepancy rates, among other impressive results.

AcceLIM’s super-powered cloud is truly unique, offering the perfect blend of automation and human oversight as well as the perfect balance between tasks that AcceLIM takes over and those you maintain control of. AcceLIM automates the clerical busywork and improves processes, communication and control while freeing your staff to focus on their business-critical tasks: sourcing, managing supplier relations, resolving transactional discrepancies, managing cash flow, and overseeing audits and compliance.

The reason we’re able to do all this and do it well is that inside our cloud there’s much more than our powerful software. We also have highly skilled people whose work complements the software, filling the gaps where automation has its limits, and we have processes that reflect the best practices of your industry. Ours is a highly effective blend of people, processes and technology that, together, make your system as efficient and accurate as possible.

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