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Supply-side Order Management/Procure to Pay

AcceLIM’s approach to Procure to Pay, which we refer to as Supply Side Order Management, starts with the pricing/quote stage of sourcing, followed by procurement of goods and services. The procure to pay cycle includes the generation of purchase orders and confirmation of goods receipt with incoming materials inspected and posted into inventory, and the final activity in the cycle is supplier payment, which consists of: receiving, entering and checking a vendor's invoice for accuracy; addressing any discrepancies and attaining any required approvals; and sending the final, corrected transaction on to your payment registry to be submitted for payment at the proper time.

Automating Procure to Pay/Supply Side Order Management 

AcceLIM’s unique approach to automating the supply side order management process gives you all the standard advantages of automation including increased productivity, swifter processing, fewer errors and lower costs. But several aspects of AcceLIM’s system also result in far swifter discrepancy resolution and approval cycle times, much greater control over the entire supply side order management process and subsequently reduced risk of interruptions to your supply chain. 

The AcceLIM difference lies within what we call our “super-powered cloud,” and centers around these key factors:

Business Rules Based On Standardized Best Practices

Before we automate your processes, we help you decide on the parameterized business rules that will dictate how your AcceLIM automated system will function. We come to you with a workbook that helps you quickly and easily identify the business rules that already exist in your processes, but more importantly we also offer suggestions based on what we’ve seen other customers in your industry use to achieve the kind of metrics you’d like, and we tailor those best practices to work ideally for you.

Powerful Technology

Keeping just-in-time inventory synchronized with suppliers’ production schedules may require much more data than simply what’s been ordered, received and invoiced, and AcceLIM’s software capabilities go far beyond such a simple three-way match. Your AcceLIM automated system can be set up to generate alerts for early warnings on order confirmations and shipment notifications, shifts in production schedules, and can accommodate multiple points of receipt. Our technology can scale to whatever level of detail is needed for each individual order regardless of how complex or simple it may be. We can audit receiving transactions and match to virtually any supply side order management transaction, allowing you to choose the level of control that’s essential to meet your goals.

Collaboration Through Accountability

AcceLIM’s cloud unites your team by eliminating geographic barriers and having clear lines of responsibility built into the system for every possible discrepancy. Once you’re up and running with AcceLIM, information and documentation for all discrepancies appears on the desktop of the exact employees who need to resolve them. Because everyone on the team has a 360 degree view of the transactions, people are highly motivated to correct their discrepancies quickly and address recurring issues. Over time this leads to vastly reduced discrepancy rates, higher productivity, and better relationships within your team.

The Ideal Blend Of People, Processes And Technology

AcceLIM has been a cloud-based service from the very beginning, and we know how to make the most of it. We offer business process as a service with just the right blend of automation and human oversight as well as the perfect balance between tasks that AcceLIM takes over and those you maintain control of. AcceLIM automates the clerical busywork and improves processes, communication and control while freeing your staff to focus on their business-critical tasks: sourcing, managing supplier relations, resolving transactional discrepancies, managing cash flow, and overseeing audits and compliance.

The reason we’re able to do all this and do it well is that inside our cloud there’s much more than our powerful software. We also have highly skilled people whose work complements the software, filling the gaps where automation has its limits, and we have processes that reflect the best practices of your industry. Ours is a highly effective blend of people, processes and technology that, together, make your system as efficient and accurate as possible.

How AcceLIM’s automated supply side order management works:
  • Supplier documents such as price updates, order confirmations, shipping notices, bills of lading, packing lists, invoices, etc. enter the system directly as electronic data if the supplier has already converted to electronic communication.
  • If the supplier is still relying on paper or fax, the documents are collected by AcceLIM, digitized, identified, and stored online in AcceLIM’s web-based data repository for retrieval and continued work
  • AcceL-I-Match technology processes the data on each document based on business rules set up when we personalized the customer’s system. AcceL-I-Match always makes sure the quantity, price and total amounts to be paid are verified as correct before the customer pays any invoice, but far more complex matching is often done based on a customer’s specific goals and needs.
  • Perfect transactions flow straight through to the customer’s payment registry. The customer has control over when to actually submit the transactions from the registry to their financial system for payment.
  • Transactions with discrepancies are automatically detected by AcceL-I-Match, confirmed by an AcceLIM employee, and routed in real time via alerts to the desktops of the exact employees responsible for resolving the issues.
  • Once any discrepancies are resolved and necessary approvals attained, the perfected transaction flows through to our customer’s payment registry. The customer controls when to submit transactions from the registry for payment.