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AcceLIM’s cloud is far more than a technology application hosted on a server. The powerful results we achieve for our customers would be impossible without the involvement of highly skilled people deployed in a manner we’ve found to be just right to achieve the successes we expect.

Automation can lead to remarkable improvements in efficiency, accuracy, speed and accessibility of information. But automation has its limits. In the supply side order management process there are certain decisions that can only be made by humans. Over the years that AcceLIM has been providing automated supply side order management solutions we have come up with an approach that uses automation to its best effect and uses intelligent human decision-making for those areas where it’s needed. It’s the ideal blend between human oversight and automation.

We’ve also created an extremely effective division of supply side order management tasks between those that AcceLIM takes on and those for which our customers retain responsibility. As an AcceLIM customer, your employees will remain the experts at your supplier relationships while we automate and eliminate the manual tasks associated with document processing. Your employees are freed to focus on analytical tasks and strategic decision-making, resolving discrepancies and approving transactions that require approvals, rather than wasting time on mundane tasks like manual data-entry, filing, etc.

AcceLIM’s employees perform two major functions for our customers in addition to the skilled human work that happens in the document processing function: 

  • Our onboarding experts make sure that your transition to AcceLIM is fast, smooth, and tailored to your specific needs and goals. They bring deep knowledge of best practices for the industries we serve and play a strong role in helping you determine the parameterized business rules that will drive how your AcceLIM automated system will work. 
  • AcceLIM employees also become part of your team by supporting continuous improvement in your supply side order management processes. We follow up with regularly scheduled reviews, goal-setting, and tolerance adjustments to ensure the steady improvement that delivers optimal results over time. Our experience helps you quickly identify areas where improvement can be easily achieved.

We enjoy what we do and take pride in doing it well. We’ve made ourselves experts at automating supply side order management for our chosen industries, and you benefit from the results.