Supply Side Order Management

Invoice Processing

AP Automation

Procure to Pay... the Cloud

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360-degree view of all transaction details
Elimination of organizational and geographic barriers
Clear lines of accountability and compliance

...Collaboration Through Accountability

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Single digit discrepancy rates
3-day approval cycles
US-based processing - offshore cost

Results Tell Our Story Best

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Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

With AcceLIM's Mobile App, your approvers can be up, running, and responding on their own mobile devices - single-sign-on authentication, no problem.

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A BPO/BPaaS Built For Today

A BPO/BPaaS Built For Today

We built AcceLIM from the ground up - for the cloud. Our cloud-based system seamlessly fits into any infrastructure with any combination of business software suites, offering a powerful cost-saving solution for supply side order management and invoice processing. The secret to our success lies in what’s inside the AcceLIM cloud: a powerful blend of people, process and technology.

Accounts Payable

Exception-Based Accounts Payable

Perfect transactions fly through the system automatically, freeing A/P staff to focus on the small percentage of transactions with discrepancies. This leads to lower discrepancy rates, faster approval and payment cycles, and far higher productivity.

Painless Transitions,
Ongoing Service

Painless Transitions,Ongoing Service
...We call it Onboarding

Transitioning to AcceLIM’s cloud is fast, smooth, and efficient. We’ll have you fully onboard typically within 90 days, with regularly scheduled reviews to maximize your results.

How Good Can Change Be?

How Good Can Change Be?

Done right, automating your order management process will lower costs and improve efficiency. Why invest in costly in-house solutions and burden your IT team when you can rely on AcceLIM’s expertise and solutions we’ve already developed for your industry?

Why automate with AcceLIM

White Papers

Before and After AcceLIM
A white paper detailing how AcceLIM transforms Accounts Payable Processing.

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Case Studies

Moving the conversation beyond "Offshoring" and "Automation". Real efficiencies can only be driven by an "Exception-Based" approach.

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Recent News

CIO Review Magazine  featured a profile on Accelim in its "Cash to Quote" special addition. The article focuses on the increasingly complex nature of business transactions and how innovative technology combined with a smart business process can help modern business cope. Click Here To Read