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Top 20 Reasons to Choose AcceLIM

  1. Reduce Processing Costs by 30-50% -- Choose automation over headcount and an outsourcing model for greater efficiency and savings.
  2. Automate Best Practices, Eliminate Manual Errors – AcceLIM automates best practices, standardizes processes, and eliminates unnecessary steps and routine errors.
  3. Transition A/P Clerks into Research and Discrepancy Analysts – With perfect transactions flowing automatically through the system, A/P staff focuses only on discrepancies - about 15% of transactions.
  4. Align Costs with Value – This transition better aligns the costs of an A/P function with the value it can provide.
  5. Avoid the Pitfalls of Governing an Offshore Team While Enjoying the Cost Savings -- Use AcceL-I-Match technology to keep the data at hand while achieving the low costs associated with an offshore team.
  6. Powerful Software Matches Complex Data – AcceL-I-Match technology can manage highly complex data matching, offering far more options for controlling and tracking transactions and analyzing vital information.
  7. Take Advantage of Industry Knowledge – We don’t try to be everything to everyone. Our tight focus on supply side order management for our chosen industries makes us experts at what we do. Gain from our knowledge of best practices for your industry.
  8. Overcome Geographical and Organizational Barriers, Creating Greater Collaboration Among Team Members – Allow the supply side order management team to share information and make informed decisions worldwide.
  9. Achieve Processing Center Levels of Efficiency Regardless of Volume and Team Size -- Outsource labor-intensive portions of invoice processing to an automated processing center while retaining control of supplier relationships and your cash.
  10. Find Every Discrepancy and Resolve Them in Real Time – AcceLIM routes issues back to the source immediately. Informing the people needing to take action sooner reduces rework and avoids downstream problems.
  11. Overcome Fluctuations in Transaction Volumes -- Why pay overtime during month, quarter and year end spikes in volume? Control your cost and forecast throughout the year. Immediately Transition 40-60% of Suppliers Off Paper and On To Electronic Communication -- Offer suppliers multiple choices and the freedom to change when it’s right for them.
  12. "One-Stop-Shop" for Sarbanes Oxley, Closing, or Internal Audit Documentation – Give auditors instantaneous access to AcceLIM’s 360-degree-view of all supply-side documents.
  13. Avoid Large Capital Expenditures and Lengthy Implementation Cycles – Why invest in in-house solutions and burden your IT team to become order management experts? Outsource to AcceLIM – the specialists positioned to handle the job.
  14. Leverage Existing Infrastructure to Get Even More -- AcceLIM makes the most of existing investments in ERP and Financial Applications, supplementing them with a much needed process-based approach.
  15. Speed and Accuracy Deliver Savings - Eliminate invoice processing delays, shorten total processing time, and gain early payment discounts.
  16. Stop Paper Before it Enters the Organization - Conversion from paper to data means fewer lost or misplaced documents and information instantly accessible to multiple people simultaneously any time of day at any location.
  17. Reduce Document Retrieval Time – All documents pertaining to an order are classified, indexed, and stored electronically. They are available within seconds – not hours or days.
  18. Choose the Cloud That’s Always Been a Cloud – Some companies are throwing software on a server and calling it a SaaS. AcceLIM offers service with substance and deep experience with the cloud model.
  19. Smooth, Fast Setup; Ongoing Follow-up – We’ll have you operating in our cloud swiftly – often within 12 weeks - with our smooth, thorough onboarding process. Once on board, we meet with you every quarter to review progress, set goals, and ensure you’re getting the most from our service.
  20. Pay as you Save – AcceLIM’s services are scalable and affordable. We help you identify your most difficult order management issues and choose what controls to set up and what data to track. Enjoy immediate savings in time, money, and overall efficiency.