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Best Practices – We Start You Off With Built-In Improvements

AcceLIM’s approach to personalizing your automated system draws deeply on our accumulated knowledge of supply side order management for our chosen industries. Before we automate your processes, we help you decide on the parameterized business rules that will dictate how the system will function. We don’t ask you to come up with these parameters on your own; instead we come to you with a workbook that helps you quickly and easily identify the business rules that already exist in your processes. But more importantly we also offer  suggestions based on what we’ve seen other customers in your industry use to achieve the kind of metrics you’d like, and we tailor those best practices to work ideally with your systems. The end result is a cloud service tightly aligned with your goals and set to deliver savings and increased efficiencies right away.

Beyond SaaS – More Than Software On A Server

AcceLIM has been a cloud since day one, and we know how to make the most of it. What we offer isn’t old-school “software as a service.” It’s business process as a service with the ideal blend of automation and human oversight as well as the perfect balance between tasks that AcceLIM takes over and those you maintain control of. AcceLIM automates the busywork of the supply-side order management process, freeing your staff to focus on the business-critical tasks: sourcing, managing supplier relations, resolving transactional discrepancies, managing cash flow, and overseeing audits and compliance.

Within AcceLIM’s Cloud You Get:
  • Dynamic document routing that follows agreed-upon business rules
  • Invoice processing and e-invoicing
  • Data matching, discrepancy detection and routing - with personalized “nagware”
  • Approval workflow initiation
  • Process analytics
  • Quality assurance
  • Automated business rule enforcement
  • Document and data repository
  • Archival and backup
  • Hard copy retention and destruction
  • Ongoing performance reviews with mutual goal-setting

The reason we’re able to do all this and do it so well is that inside our cloud there’s much more than software. We also have highly skilled people whose work complements the software, filling the gaps where automation has its limits. Ours is a powerful, proven blend of people, processes and technology that, together, make your system as efficient and accurate as possible.

Powerful Functionality – Complex Data Matching for Greater Control

AcceLIM’s software capabilities go far beyond the typical three-way ordered-received-invoiced match (straight-through processing). AcceLIM can scale to whatever level of detail is needed for each individual order whether that means lots or batches moving through a complicated supply chain or a simple project that will only have two invoices vouchered against it. We can audit receiving transactions and match to quotes, order confirmations and virtually any other supply side order management transaction. Our customers get to choose what level of control they want over any type of exception as well as what issues we track in our regularly scheduled reports to them.

Collaboration - Teamwork Drives Results

The supply side order management process typically involves a number of people from disparate areas of your organization – people in planning, purchasing, receiving, accounts payable, and the requesters and approvers they support. These employees don’t share a manager and because of geographical barriers may not even know each other. This undermines teamwork and collaboration, often leading to tension, waste and rework – especially when dealing with transactions that have issues.

AcceLIM’s cloud unites your team by eliminating geographic barriers and having clear lines of responsibility built into the system for every possible discrepancy. Once you’re up and running with AcceLIM, information and documentation for all discrepancies appears on the desktop of the exact employees who need to resolve them. Because everyone on the team has a 360 degree view of the transactions, people are highly motivated to correct their discrepancies quickly and address recurring issues. Over time this leads to vastly reduced discrepancy rates, higher productivity, and better relationships within your team.

Focused Expertise - Core Competency in Key Industries

One of the most critical factors in achieving operational excellence and efficiency with your supply side order management processes is the set of business rules you choose to put into place and the parameters you choose to drive them. Focusing on supply side order management for key industries has enabled AcceLIM to accumulate deep knowledge that is relevant to every new customer when it comes to setting those business rules. Our experience is especially valuable when customers are deciding issues such as:

  • What tolerances to set for discrepancies
  • What type of transaction information to match for and manage for ongoing improvement
  • Which individuals/roles should be alerted and held responsible for specific approvals and discrepancies
  • What changes in existing processes might improve efficiency and results
  • What type of situations a customer can improve using our cloud service

The knowledge we bring to the table saves significant time in the onboarding process and maximizes the benefits our customers get from automating. 

Teamwork for Continuous Improvement

AcceLIM doesn’t end our intensive involvement after the onboarding stage. We continually work to help customers gain the most they can from our services, and we offer ongoing support and recommendations for goal-setting and improvement. We schedule regular follow-up meetings to review results, highlight issues we think are important to consider, and discuss what supply side order management goals our customers might choose to work on for the period leading up to our next meeting. This collaboration helps our customers achieve results they’ve never had before, and it’s one more area where our customers benefit from our tight focus on our core competency.