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AcceLIM’s cloud isn’t an old-school “software as a service” model. It’s cutting-edge business process as a service, and our expertise means you get world-class supply side order management processes built right into your AcceLIM automated system.

Standardized Best Practices

One of the most critical factors in achieving operational excellence with your supply side order management system is the set of parameterized business rules  that will dictate how your automated system functions. Our tight focus on our chosen industries has given us deep knowledge of the industries’ best practices for supply side order management.  Before we automate your system, we help you quickly identify the business rules that already exist in your processes, but we also offer suggestions based on what we’ve seen other customers in your industry use to achieve the kind of metrics you’d like, and we tailor those best practices to work ideally for you.

Processes that Support Collaboration

Another benefit of AcceLIM’s approach to supply side order management is the way the processes we put in place help improve collaboration within your organization. AcceLIM’s cloud unites your team by eliminating geographic barriers and having clear lines of responsibility built into the system for every possible discrepancy. Because everyone on the team has a 360 degree view of the transactions, people are motivated to correct discrepancies quickly and address recurring issues. Over time this leads to vastly reduced discrepancy rates, higher productivity, and better relationships within your team.

Processes Promoting Continous Improvement

AcceLIM continually works to help customers gain the most they can from our services, and we offer ongoing support and recommendations for goal-setting and improvement. We don’t just set you up in our cloud and leave you to your own devices. We schedule regular follow-up meetings to review results, highlight issues we think are important to consider, and discuss what supply side order management goals you might choose to work on for the period leading up to our next meeting. This collaboration helps our customers achieve results they’ve never had before.

The Perfect Balance Between In-House and Outsourced Expertise

AcceLIM’s cloud is set up with not just the ideal blend of automation and human oversight but also the perfect balance between tasks that AcceLIM takes over and those you maintain control of. AcceLIM automates the busywork of the supply-side order management process, freeing your staff to focus on the business-critical tasks: sourcing, managing supplier relations, resolving transactional discrepancies, managing cash flow, and overseeing audits and compliance.

Division of Tasks between AcceLIM and Our Customers


AcceLIM Tasks
  • Setting, defining, adjusting business rules
  • Training in system use
  • Document processing support
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Industry-specific best practices suggestions/coaching
  • Ongoing review of performance and goal-setting
  • Invoice data matching
  • Dynamic document routing (based on set business rules)
  • Automated business rule enforcement
  • Discrepancy detection and routing
  • Initiate approval workflow
  • Document processing
Customer Tasks
  • Manage supplier relationships
  • Discrepancy resolution/Approvals
  • Process payments
  • System audit/compliance
  • Collaborate with coworkers and with AcceLIM on periodic goal-setting/metrics improvement