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AcceLIM vs. In House

Does it make sense to focus your resources on becoming experts at the supply side order management business, or would you rather focus on your core competency while benefiting from AcceLIM’s deep knowledge of how to best automate supply side order management for your industry? There’s a significant opportunity cost involved in having your IT team spend their time learning what we’ve already learned. And you would be missing out on the benefits of the standardized best practices we build into every AcceLIM automated system – practices that save you time and money. With AcceLIM you can rely on our expertise to not only automate, but significantly improve, your processes so you can enjoy the greatest possible savings and focus more resources on your core business.

In-house automation not only involves an up-front capital cost, it also involves an ongoing operating cost disadvantage. With AcceLIM handling your document conversion and processing, you benefit from economies of scale, enjoying a processing center level of efficiency regardless of the volume of documents that flow through your system. There are also many unique aspects of AcceLIM’s approach that combine to create dramatic results for our customers including single-digit discrepancy rates, tripled A/P productivity, approval cycles of less than 3 days, ready-to-pay cycles of less than 5 days, and 30-50% cost reductions.  To learn more about what it is within AcceLIM’s system that sets us apart from other clouds and drives those results, click here.

Another dramatic advantage AcceLIM offers over in-house automation is the rapid deployment our customers enjoy; it’s not uncommon for us to get a customer fully onboard within 12 weeks.

To learn more about how we manage to do that, as well as other unique benefits of the way we bring customers on board, click here.