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Why Change?

AcceLIM offers the change you need for today’s conditions:

Given the intensely competitive conditions and tight margins facing most businesses today, automating the supply side order management process seems a logical step for most companies. In the recent past, offshoring was an option that many organizations chose as a way to reduce their accounts payable costs. But offshoring creates its own problems including geographical barriers that can affect communication and teamwork. Today’s ideal solution lies in the cloud-based model, and among the cloud-based procure to pay services available today, AcceLIM stands out based on our experience, the proprietary mix of features that lie within our cloud, and the proven results our customers enjoy. With AcceLIM you get US-based service at lower than offshore costs, and that’s just one of our many advantages.

Automating your invoice processing system vastly increases efficiency and savings.

With AcceLIM, you focus on your core competency while benefiting from ours.

AcceLIM's focused experience and the people, processes and technology within our super-powered cloud give us, and our customers, a competitive advantage.

Buyers have more time for strategic work and supplier relationships

A quick review of the advantages that AcceLIM's customers enjoy