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AcceLIM is a cloud with substance; what lies inside it is the key to our success. Our cloud offers just the right blend of automation and human oversight combined with the ideal division of tasks between those that AcceLIM takes over and those our customers retain. We’ve got powerful, proprietary technology that’s available only to AcceLIM customers and unmatched in the level of control and functionality it provides. And the processes we put in place to drive how your automated system behaves reflect standardized best practices for your industry. Altogether it’s a formula that delivers results - including dramatic gains in efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

AcceLIM’s cloud couldn’t provide the results it does without the highly-skilled people involved and the way they are deployed.

World-class supply side order management processes are built right into your AcceLIM automated system.

AcceLIM’s super-powered cloud hosts our own secure, proprietary, multi-client application, for which patents are pending. Only AcceLIM customers have access to this technology.

AcceLIM was built from the ground up for the reality of anytime, anywhere business communication.